Led by our board of directors, President and CEO Robert K. Ross and the foundation's executive team, The California Endowment strives to set the standard for accountability, transparency, equity and impact.


The California Endowment is governed by an 18-member Board of Directors from California's leading nonprofits, health organizations, educational institutions, businesses and industries. Our Board is diverse in ethnicity, gender, community-based experience, region and professional expertise. It is designed to reflect a cross-section of California's people and places.


Management Staff

Leticia Alejandrez, Director, Communications
Edward de la Torre, Director, Events & Facilities
Richard Figueroa, Director, Health and Human Services
Jenina Garrett, Director, Finance
David Greenberg, Director, Public Markets
Gregory Hall, Director, Program Quality & Effectiveness

Celia Lombard, Corporate Secretary & Manager of Board Relations
Barbara Raymond, Director, Schools & Neighborhoods Policy
Dana Rosenberg, Director, Private Markets
Beatriz Solìs, Director, Healthy Communities (South Region)
Marion Standish, Sr. Advisor to the President

Sandra Witt, Director, Healthy Communities (North Region)  

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Healthy Communities Program Staff

Diane Aranda, Program Manager, Richmond
Jennifer Chheang, Program Manager, Long Beach
Sandra Davis, Program Manager, East OaklandAlexandra Desautels, Program Manager
Steve Eldred, Program Manager, City Heights (San Diego)
Charles Fields, Regional Program Manager, Los Angeles
Tamu Jones, Program Manager, South Los Angeles
Margarita Luna, Program Manager, Eastern Coachella Valley
Albert Maldonado, Program Manager, Learning
Brian Mimura, Program Manager, Southwest Merced/East Merced County
Virginia Mosqueda, Program Manager, Central Santa Ana
Laura Olson, Program Manager, Del Norte County & Adjacent Tribal Lands
Lauren Padilla-Valverde, Program Manager, East Salinas (Alisal)
Elaine Peacock, Program Manager, Partnerships
Sarah Reyes, Regional Program Manager, Central Valley
Annalisa Robles, Program Manager, South Kern County
Christine Tien, Program Manager, Sacramento
Jennifer Ybarra, Program Manager, Boyle Heights

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Healthy California Program Staff

Marisol Aviña, Program Manager, PreventionRay Colmenar, Senior Program Manager, Neighborhoods
Marlon Cuellar, Program Manager, Prevention
George Flores,  Program Manager, Prevention
Mary Lou Fulton, Senior Program Manager, Schools
William Ing, Program Manager, Neighborhoods
Judi Larsen, Program Manager, Schools
Craig Martinez, Program Manager, Neighborhoods
Jeff Okey, Communications Manager
Castle Redmond, Program Manager, Schools
Maricela Rodriguez, Program Manager
La Tanya Squires, Media Manager
Anne Stuhldreher, Senior Program Manager for Strategic Initiatives  

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Learning & Evaluation Staff

Mona K. Jhawar, Evaluation Manager
Lori Nascimento, Evaluation ManagerJennifer Vanore, Program Manager, Learning & Outreach   

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