The "HOW" of BHC

Underlying all Building Healthy Communities activities is a fundamental belief in the power of a functioning democracy in which all people are valued and included.  Building Healthy Communities’ legacy will be healthier public policy at the state and local levels and civically engaged communities with the power, skills and relationships necessary for tackling the continuing challenges confronting traditionally marginalized communities.  

While each campaign success leading to concrete improvements in community members’ lives is one step toward healthier communities, it is the investment in the communities’ civic infrastructure that will sustain these wins beyond 2020 and ultimately result in transformation.  Building Healthy Communities employs five Drivers of Change that are critical to optimizing democracy now and into the future.  

Click on the boxes below for more information about the Drivers of Change. To download a PDF of all of the Drivers of Change, click here.  


To find more about BHC progress to date building resident power, organizing youth, and driving policy and systems change, click here to visit the Learning and Evaluations part of our website.

How do the Drivers of Change correspond with BHC’s approach to improving health?

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Your zip code shouldn't determine how long you live, but it does. Health Happens Here challenges us to think about health beyond doctor visits and diets. We have the power to make health happen where we live, learn and play.