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We know what makes people healthy. Most anyone could tell you that it includes healthy food, exercise, and healthcare. But it isn’t just those things. If we dig a little deeper, we all know it’s also about having an affordable, reliable way to get to a job with benefits, stable housing, quality childcare, and high performing schools. And beyond these material necessities, it is a sense of belonging and inclusion. People in our communities are needlessly suffering because, as a society, we deny them access to essential resources, sending them the message that they don’t matter; they don’t belong.  The odds stacked against these populations are the legacy of our nation’s systematic devaluation and discrimination against certain people based on race, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, and so on.  And just because discrimination for most of these populations is now illegal, we cannot deny that the legacy, and sometimes even the practices, persists.

Building Healthy Communities is about changing rules at the local and state levels so that everyone is valued and has access to the resources and opportunities essential for health – affordable housing and fresh food, jobs that are safe and pay a fair wage, clean air, and so on.  Changing the rules – or the policies and systems that distribute resources, opportunities, and burdens like power plants – is not a matter of a simple ask. Transformative and sustained change takes power, youth leadership, strong partnerships, and telling a new story about how health happens – or should happen – in all communities for a better, brighter tomorrow. To find out more about BHC, please explore the different sections on this website:

  • "WHY" Place?: this section describes why TCE decided to focus on place 

  • The “WHAT” of BHC: this section describes BHC’s identified outcomes 

  • The “HOW” of BHC: this section describes BHC’s approach to achieving out outcomes 

  • The “WHO and WHERE" of BHC: this section describes the 14 communities, as well as how the work is structured in each site

  • Lessons and Impact: this section describes some early learning as well as links to strategic reviews and case studies of the work to date   



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Your zip code shouldn't determine how long you live, but it does. Health Happens Here challenges us to think about health beyond doctor visits and diets. We have the power to make health happen where we live, learn and play.