All Aboard the School Success Express

It’s an exciting time for California schools. After years of painful cuts, our state is finally investing in education again thanks to California’s new Fair School Funding law (also known as the Local Control Funding Formula or LCFF). The law brings new funding to all of California’s school districts, but reserves the biggest budget increases for schools and school districts facing the greatest needs – those who serve the most low-income students, English learners, and foster kids.


Right now, every school district in California is developing a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) that describes how it will use the new funds to improve student achievement. Parents, community leaders, and students themselves have the opportunity to raise their voices to set priorities and guide local decision making. We need to make sure that Fair School Funding dollars are used as intended—to help kids facing the greatest challenges. For resources and ideas on how to get involved in your community’s planning process, you can visit The Endowment’s Local Control Funding Formula Resource and Idea Center.


Community involvement has already played a major role in implementing Fair School Funding. Last fall, community members shared their views about local education priorities as part of the School Success Express, a series of 12 community forums sponsored by The Endowment. You can see video highlights from the tour here and learn more about the School Success Express here. Aprenda más sobre los logros del Express al Exito Escolar aquí.


As a health foundation, we know that physical and mental health issues stand in the way of achievement for too many kids. When children come to school hungry, struggling to breathe because of asthma, or traumatized by things going on at home, they can't focus and learn. The process of developing the LCAPs is an opportunity to highlight the importance of investing in health as a strategy for academic achievement.

What We’re Doing

  • Sharing what we learned at community forums where parents, students, and community leaders  expressed their vision for school success.
  • Helping communities hold school districts accountable, ensuring that new funds are used only to support improved achievement for high-needs students.
  • Training for parents and students to familiarize them with the new law and how they can get involved.

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lcff3-19-14 California's Local Control Funding Formula 

A short video explaining the benefits of the new Fair School Funding law.

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