Exercise During the School Day

Exercise should be an important part of each child’s day. Exercise doesn’t just prevent obesity, it also helps kids work off extra energy so they can stay more focused and succeed in the classroom. But California’s kids are spending too much of their days sitting in their seats. In fact, more than two-thirds of California children failed at least one part of the state’s most recent physical fitness test. 


The Endowment is working with schools to find easy ways to help kids get up and get moving. Physical education class is important, but it’s not the only chance children should have to be active. They should be taking exercise breaks during the day to keep their energy up and walking to and from school.

What We’re Doing

  • Promoting the importance of daily exercise at school.
  • Encouraging communities to build safe routes to school, so students will have more opportunities to walk and bike.
  • Increasing access to parks, gyms and other facilities, including after hours and weekend use of school grounds for exercise.

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