"I know that when we help our sons, we're building future fathers, colleagues and productive members of society. When we help our sons, we help our daughters -- and everyone."

  Robert K. Ross, M.D.
  CEO, The California Endowment



Our young sons and brothers will help define California’s future. They are tomorrow’s innovators and leaders:  a source of strength, creativity, and economic dynamism.  By investing in their futures, we invest in our own.   

Our state’s young people are increasingly of color, with record growth among Latino and Asian American young men.  Yet, far too many of our boys and young men of color are in a state of crisis. They are dropping out of school, growing up in poverty, and falling short of their promise. 

Together, we can solve this problem.  It starts with a simple but powerful solution – keep kids in school.  Research points to a clear set of early warning signs – pivotal moments that signal a young person is veering off track:  

  • 3rd grade reading and chronic absence: If a child can't read well by 3rd grade, he is likely to fall behind and drop out of school. Chronic absences from school are a leading cause of poor academic performance.
  • Suspensions and early truancy: Each suspension doubles the chance of dropout and triples the chance of involvement with the criminal justice system.
  • Justice system involvement: The system is expensive, often harms kids and doesn't keep us safe.
  • What We’re Doing‎ 

    The California Endowment is laying a marker on the future of our state.  We are investing $50 million to make sure that our sons and brothers – and California – will be successful.  

    In seven years, we pledge to deliver on these critical goals:

    • Support development of 1000 youth leaders throughout California.  
    • Improve school attendance by 30% in targeted schools to improve reading proficiency.
    • Cut in half the number of students suspended, using proven common-sense discipline strategies that keep kids in school and accountable.
    • Train all California school police officers on youth development and trauma.
    • Start 10 prosecutor programs that keep young people accountable and divert them out of the justice system by addressing the underlying need.
    • Enroll all eligible children in health coverage to support their physical and mental health.
    We are investing on both the state and local level, with focus on Oakland, Fresno and Los Angeles. To join or find out more about the local work in those areas, contact:
    To learn more about the statewide alliance of youth, community organizations, foundations, and systems leaders working to make success happen of California’s Sons and Brothers, go to: http://www.allianceforbmoc.org/.



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