Giving Rise to Healthier Communities


Enrolling in health care coverage that includes a routine wellness program is just one element of accessing preventive care. Ensuring that the places where we live, learn, and play are healthy environments is essential to prevention. This involves people being their own health advocates and thinking about our communities differently. Residents and community leaders across all sectors working together can give rise to healthier communities.

What We’re Doing

  • Increasing the capacity of residents, including youth, to gain a stronger voice and take part in efforts to improve their communities.
  • Strengthening programs and systems to work collaboratively within and across sectors to protect and promote health.
  • Promoting accessible, comprehensive, high-quality, prevention-oriented health care throughout one’s life span--and bridging that care to advocacy for community conditions that support improved health outcomes.
  • Promoting a “health in all policies” approach in civic decision-making to assure that conditions where residents live, work, learn, and play protect and actively promote health.

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Giving Rise The Future of Health Care 

Learn how investing in prevention not only reduces illness but could significantly reduce the cost of the $2.6 trillion health care system.

Your zip code shouldn't determine how long you live, but it does. Health Happens Here challenges us to think about health beyond doctor visits and diets. We have the power to make health happen where we live, learn and play.